Center for Science Education and Training

National Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics

Dan Sporea
Tel: 40745759545, Fax: 40214574243
Adress: Atomistilor 409, 077125 Magurele, Romania

Engineering, Informatics, Math, Physics, Robotics

Brief description of activities:
Eight years ago, the Center for Science Education and Training (CSET- was established at the National Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics in order to support science education at pre-university level. CSET has extensive expertise in running national and European educational projects focused on science education at pre-university level, and established successful partnerships with several primary, middle and high schools in Romania, as well as school inspectorates and teachers’ training centers, in the frame of the past projects it run. CSET was actively involved in the last seven years in introducing in Romania new teaching methods in relation to science education. The target beneficiaries are school teachers and students from the pre-university system (from elementary, to middle and high school). The Center has two courses on Inquiry-Based Science Education (IBSE) accredited by the Ministry of National Education, and more than 1100 primary and middle school teachers were trained between 2010-2014.

Special international programs:
CSET was involved in three Leonardo da Vinci projects, three Comenius networks (Hands-on Science, INSTEM and SUSTAIN, and coordinates at national level the educational network “Hands-on Science – Romania”. CSET also managed in Romania projects such as: “Science education for a knowledge-based society – SET 2010”, “Discover!” (funded by European Structural Funds); “Fibonacci” (FP7); “Creative Little Scientists” (FP7); “Inquiry-based Education in Science and Technology- i-BEST” (national research funding). CSET is a founding member of the “Network of Youth Excellence – NYEX” and of the International Association “Hands-on Science” and cooperates with the National Optical Astronomy Observatory – NOAO (Tucson, Arizona, USA) and the New England Board for Higher Education in Boston on optics and photonics education for middle and high school teachers. Almost every year the center’s team organizes the international conference “Science Education in School”.