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Lluís Farrés
Tel:  (+34) 93 214 25 46
Adress: La Pedrera – Passeig de Gràcia 92, 08008 Barcelona

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Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Engineering, Informatics, Math

Brief description of activities:
1) Youth and Science program (
This program is intended to promote scientific vocations in young, talented students interested in science. It is meant to encourage their enthusiasm for pursuing scientific research and careers in science. The program is an opportunity for the participants to learn about the essence of scientific activity and to work very closely with researchers and university students.
It is a three-year program where the selected students can participate in activities related to scientific research, they are also given the opportunity to have a scientific experience in a prestigious research center, or an international science program.
Every year a group of approximately 50 students is selected from the pool of applicants (850 applicants approximately every year).

2) Crazy about science (
Crazy about Science aims to promote vocation for research careers among young students. It’s a one year-long mentoring program that brings high school students in their first year of baccaulaureate into the lab for hands-on learning. The program includes theoretical and practical sessions led by researches in their own labs. The sessions are held on Saturdays mornings from January to December.
With this initiative, students have the opportunity to delve into scientific theory and techniques proposed in different scientific fields. Working in the center itself, together with researchers allows them to gain practical experience in the state of art methodologies.
Crazy about Biochemistry – Crazy about Biomedicine – Crazy about Economics – Crazy about New Technologies – Crazy about Chemistry – Crazy about Mathematics – Crazy about Nature – Crazy about Physics

Special international programs
Barcelona International Youth Science Challenge
Summer 2016 – Addressed to highly motivated and with special interest in Science Young Students (17-20) Two weeks working with researchers from the top Barcelona Research Centres and Institutions.Our aim is to get together, in Barcelona, young students from all over the world that are passionate about Science, they will meet top scientific leaders in their field, work with international research centres and have the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge, challenging themselves everyday.
Biomedicine – Biotechnology – Biochemistry – Chemistry – Evolutionary Biology – Photonics – Genetics – Robotics – Nanotechnology – Bioethics