Hemda – Center for Science Education, Tel Aviv, Israel


Tehilla Ben Gai
Tel: 972- 3-5210800, Fax: 972- 3-5210810
Email: bengai@hemda.org.il
Website: http://www.hemda.org.il
Adress: 7 haPardess Street, 6424534 Tel Aviv-Yaffo

Chemistry, Physics, Computational Sciences

Brief description of activities:
HEMDA is the science campus for Tel Aviv-Yafo’s 17 secondary schools with more than 1500 students. Our activities include: Teaching A-level physics and chemistry including the preparation for the matriculation exams (10th to 12th grades). Junior Scientist Project (“Hetz”) exposes junior high school students from the area to the sciences (9th grade). Computational Science Program (“MoaH”) (10th-12th grades). Excellence program for high achieving students (11-12th grades) with a tailored seminar at the European Laboratory for Nuclear Research (CERN). Support program for individual teaching for under-achieving students. Elective courses on different scientific topics, e.g. cosmology, biochemistry, relativity. Science-Culture program for the community that offers public lectures, debates and courses. Makers Lab for high school science students equipped with 3D-printers and hands-on Equipment.

Special international programs:
Science Camp at CERN for our high-achieving group, which includes seminars, experiments and visits. Managing FameLab Israel, the international science communication contest. In 2015 the project will take place with the Israel Academy for Sciences and CERN.