Scholarship Application

NYEX Summer Science Camp Scholarship 2017 Application

To encourage participation in international programs in 2017, the NYEX board allocated a substantial budget for scholarships. Scholarships, up to € 500 each, will be granted to NYEX associated students participating in an international science program or international students participating in an science program arranged by a NYEX organization. Scholarships may totally or partially cover registration and tuition fee. Scholarships will not cover transportation to and from the program site. Scholarships will be transferred directly to the organizing  institution.

Please contact Thomas Wendt from experimenta in Heilbronn to receive the application form.

All applications should be mailed back to Thomas Wendt ( The organization sending the student will issue the application using the official NYEX form.

Indeed, NYEX scholarship plan is intended to encourage participation of NYEX students in NYEX international programs. Note however, that it  is also open to non-NYEX students and non-NYEX members as long as at least one of sending/receiving organisation is a paying NYEX member.