XLAB – Göttinger Experimentallabor für junge Leute e.V.

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Eva-Maria Neher
Tel: +49 551 39 128720, Fax: +49 551 3912951
Email: emneher@xlab-goettingen.de
Website: www.xlab-goettingen.de
Adress: Justus-von-Liebig-Weg 8, 37077 Göttingen, Germany

Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Neurophysiology, Ecology

Brief description of activities:
XLAB is an experimental laboratory for young people and bridges the gap between university and high school. XLAB is located in the center of the Göttingen University campus. We offer ambitious practical experiments and courses in biology, ecology, neurophysiology, chemistry and physics as a supplement to school teaching. Our participants are high school students, undergraduate college and university students and teachers. At XLAB you have the opportunity to carry out challenging and relevant experiments and work closely together with scientists. XLAB has 12.000 participants every year and offers the courses to classes from all over the world.
In addition to the laboratory courses XLAB organizes since 2004 annual Science Festivals. Seven scientific lectures given by highly decorated scientists and also young researchers highlight the program of each Science Festival. More than 20.000 students, teachers and interested citizens came over the last 10 years to one of the largest lecture halls on campus.

Special international programs:
Every summer XLAB organizes two International Science Camps. Each camp lasts three weeks. They are open to interested high school students and undergraduate college and university students from all over the world. Courses are offered in biology, ecology, neurophysiology, chemistry and physics. The program is completed by scientific talks given by scientists of Göttingen University and other scientific institutes of the Göttingen Campus, representing different areas of scientific research.
Of course XLAB offers all practical experiments and courses to interested persons and organizations from all over the world. The courses can be adjusted to your requirements. Working language is English.